Happy Skin Collagen Korean Facial Sheet Mask

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Smooth your skin! Make your skin happy with our HS Skincare Collagen Face Mask. It is for bringing back spring into your face from harsh weather, tiredness, and should you simply want to look refreshed – without every putting on a stitch of makeup.

Rejuvenating with a generous dose of our collagen formulation, this mask absorbs into the skin to provide a moisturizing sheet mask – giving you a glow from what is naturally made in the body.

The Benefits?

Improves Elasticity, Repairs Skin Cells, and Strengthens Skin

What Ideal Skin Types?

Acne Prone / Oily Normal / Sensitive Dry / Sun Damaged

Created Without:

Parabens, Sulfates, and Phthalates

How to Use:

Cleanse face, free of product – Apply Mask, smoothing it out – Leave for 15-20 minutes, for absorption Remove, and massage skin without rinsing.

Historical Collagen

Inuit tribes of the north hemisphere have consumed collagen from animal fats, like blubber, for vitamin and joint benefits for hundreds of years.


Hydrolyzed Collagen – Elasticity and Suppleness Building


Cruelty Free